Carbon mould development innovation

New developments in Carbon mould manufacturing will give Mussett the edge in composite structures giving greater strength and lower weight. First products will be available in the 2nd quarter of 2016.

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Mussett in the lead through FIA rule change

FIA rule change for 2016 season increases work load for Mussett as we are one of the few go to engineering firms that deliver intricate and difficult manufacturing programmes with a swift turn round. Four teams have been fighting over our capacity. Not all deadlines are met due to the impossible nature of last minute [...]

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Mussett win multi-million pound gear wheel order

In the drive to fill the gap left by the crash in the oil price and massive reduction in Oil and Gas related work, mussett have been looking to utilise their extensive experience in other sectors and have been able to beat off stiff competition to win long running jobs. We are determined to expand [...]

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